2012-09-16 Cold War Rearmed2: British Forces, Dutch Marines, and cold-war era Harrier, Chinook Zoom

Today's update adds more cold-war era forces, especially covering the Falklands War, to the unit database. Last week, the Cold War Rearmed:2 mod team released an update, and introduced cold war era Dutch Marines, British infantry and vehicles, and British SAS.


Based on the TO&Es I could find, I've defined groups and sections (and 'ploegen', for the Dutch Marines) for the most common variations. This includes the Dutch Marines with the camouflaged faces, TOW crew-served weapon teams, Dragon and Stinger units, and 81mm mortar teams.

For the British infantry, I've added the 5+3 sections, camouflaged faces, mortar and howitzer teams. For the SAS, I've added GPMG, 66mm HEAT rocket and Stinger variants, and created a script that replaces the default backpack with large bergens if the Lennard's 19 backpacks variants add-on is loaded. These SAS teams should better represent the teams deployed in the Falklands war.

Dutch (Korps Mariniers) cold-war era Marine in DPM (Arma2)

Dutch Marine with Carl-Gustav anti-tank missile launcher (Arma2)

Harrier GR3 in cold war RAF-Germany livery (Arma2)

RAF Chinook 'BN' in 1982 Falklands camouflage (Arma2)

SAS troop with large bergens inserted by Chinook (Arma2)

SAS soldier equipped with large bergen and Stinger (Arma2)

British howitzer being fired (Arma2)

British light infantry advancing on Zernovo (Arma2)

Cold war era British infantry and FV432 APC (Arma2)

To add to the Falklands coverage, the cold-war era Harrier GR3 (in RAF Germany livery) (by trouble) and the Falklands War livery CH-47 Chinook (by Konyo and friends) have been added.