2012-01-15 Cold Winter Wars with CWR2, Vilas' P85 (all for Arma2:CO) Zoom

This update has a 'winter' theme: it adds added a winter map (CWR2's Winter Kolguljev), it adds units in winter camouflage (also from Cold War Rearmed 2). In addition, this update adds scripts that that add snow, add breath plumes, and that change camo net patterns to 'snow', for a more immersive winter combat.

Aside from that, this update adds FRG (West-German cold war era) units and US Army cold war vehicles from Vilas' Project 85 mod.

Soviet Mi-24 Hind approach snow covered Kolguljev (Arma2)

Cold war US infantry in snow camo (Arma2)

P85's M577 mobile HQ passes by while snow flakes fall (Arma2)

The images (from PlannedAssault generated missions) in this news update show the CWR2 Soviet infantry, Soviet Spetsnaz and US Army infantry with in winter battle dress or coveralls. PlannedAssault's' database now also includes TOW launcher teams, mortar crews and howitzer crews in winter camouflage.


Since the previous update, PlannedAssault's missions order defending units to employ camo nets (provided HcPookie's camo net add-on is loaded). In the previous update, all defending units were configured with camo nets in matching size, style and camo pattern.

With this 'winter' update, I've added a map specific override that changes all camo net patterns to 'snow'. This 'snow' override is enabled on winter maps such as Winter Kolguljev.

The benefit of this 'snow' camo net override is that regular 'wood land' units are less conspicuous on winter maps, which makes it more attractive to combine snow and regular units on winter maps. See for yourself in the 'P85 M109A3 Palladin' screen shot.

Soviet motorized rifle infantry advancing in winter camouflage (Arma2)

P85 M109A3 Palladins firing from camouflaged positions (Arma2)

Cold weather breath plume from a US spotter (Arma2)

The addition of map specific scripts (such as snow, breath plumes, camo net pattern override) and mod specific scripts (camouflaged faces for some cold war era forces) reflects a recent improvement to PlannedAssault's design. I've transferred almost all scripts and script dependencies from the mission planner to the web UI and database. This makes it easier for me to introduce mod and map specific scripts, and to support mods that heavily rely on their own scripts.

For this update, I've had great fun adding CWR2's snow, breath plumes and snow camo nets. Let's see what opportunities come up.

P85 M151A2 MUTT with TOW launcher (Arma2)

Soviet Spetsnaz riding on top of BTR through the snow (Arma2)

P85 FRG Cold war era Fallschirmjaeger being inserted by UH-1Ds (Arma2)

Finally, I've begun adding units for Vilas' P85 add-on, starting with the cold war West-German forces and US vehicles, and according to historic TO&E. Vilas' add-on is pretty unique in covering the cold war era with such a wide variety in forces and vehicles. And with PlannedAssault it becomes real easy to create the large armor battles that never were.


Have fun!