2010-05-17 German Bundeswehr units Zoom

The BWMod team released a great update of their units about a week ago. BWMod's Bundeswehr units exhibit great attention to detail, including customizable unit designations. Leopard tanks, and Fuchs and Marder infantry fighting vehicles all feature license plates, battailon identification and company identification). Additionally, Marder IFVs feature unit specific signs and Leopard tanks have tank numbers.

Dismount operating with Marder IFVs

Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiere advancing

I've added both generic and unit specific Bundeswehr vehicles to PlannedAssault unit database. Generic vehicles feature BWMod's default designations, whereas the unit specific Bundeswehr vehicles feature designations of the:

  • 212 Panzergrenadierbataillon ("Augustdorf"), 3rd and 4th companies for the Marder 1A5 IFVs
  • 203 Panzerbataillon ("Augustdorf"), 2nd company for the Leopard 2A6 tanks
  • 6 Aufklärungsbataillon ("Eutin"), 3rd company for the Fuchs 1A6 IFVs

Counter attacker hiding position (right) and approach (white) to disrupt a deployed attacker (yellow)

Marder unit designations: 3./212 PzGrenBtl with matching logo on turret

Work in progress; enabling defenders to use a mobile reserve to counter-attack the attackers once these attackers deploy. The first step has been completed: algorithms to hide the reserve units and let them approach the attacker without traversing the defensive sectors of the other units. See map image above. The next steps involve enabling the planner to consider defending with a mobile reserve, and generating all the necessary triggers and waypoints as part of the translation from a plan to a mission.