2012-04-09 Cold War era British Army of the Rhine (BAOR), and CWR2's Nogova world Zoom

With a combination of Trouble's BAOR vehicles and Vilas' 1982 UK infantry and airborne units, PlannedAssault lets you generate cold war era Arma2 battles for the British Army of the Rhine. As the screen shots in this update show, I've extended the unit database with BAOR infantry, airborne, armor, artillery, recce, transport and helicopter units. Infantry units reflect the cold war composition, with sections consisting of a 3 man gun group and 5 man rifle group. All BAOR vehicles are spawned empty, with Vilas' 1982 UK crew ordered to man the vehicles.

BAOR Westland Scout helicopters observing (Arma2)

BAOR GPMG gunner runs forward with Challengers advancing in the background (Arma2)

BAOR Chieftain Mk11 troop advancing at full speed (Arma2)

Trouble has created a series of add-ons covering most of the cold war BAOR: Chieftain and Challenger 1 main battle tanks, the FV430 series of APCs, the CVR(T) family of air transportable light armor such as the Scimitar and Scorpion, LandRover 110FFR and 101 forward control utility vehicles, Alvis 'Stolly' and Bedford TM support vehicles, and Westland Scout, Aerospatiale Gazelle and Westland Lynx AH7 helicopters.

Be aware, some of these add-ons currently have rough edges (in terms of error messages and bad textures).


I've combined the BAOR vehicles with Vilas' UK infantry and airborne units from Project '85 - US and UK Army . Vilas has created UK infantry and airborne units with cold war MkIV 'turtle' and MkII para helmets, armed with the SLR, GPMG and L2A3 Sterling, both with and without backpacks. The only thing lacking is the Milan ATGM weapon. I've configured mortar and howitzer units using these soldiers as crew, and added variants wearing face camouflage.

Lightweight LandRover 101 ForwardControl vehicle transporting airborne infantry (Arma2)

Chieftain Mk9 troop, including one with a dozer blade, move through a forest

BAOR AAC Gazelle helicopter scouting (Arma2)

Sticking with the cold war theme: also available for mission generation are two 6km x 4.5km areas on CWR2's Nogova. Being based on Operation Flashpoint: 1985 's Nogova map, these areas contain no problems for the Arma2 vehicle AI and are superb for large armored battles.


I've also updated the world to weather region mapping to cover the new climates defined by the RUBE weather module.

BAOR FV107 Scimitar taken out by a T-72 (Arma2)

L118 howitzer with airborne crew (Arma2)

'Operation Granby' Challenger1's moving through CWR2 Nogova's desert (Arma2)

Finally, I've begun experimenting (in the BAOR Challenger and Chieftain tanks) with a new script command available in Arma2 1.60: allowCrewInImmobile. My aim is to improve the behavior of tank crews, having them continue the fight from their immobilized tank (or stay put there) rather than advancing on foot with the mobile armor in their platoon/troop.


Have fun!